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Wolf was here! \030/
Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:50 PM
*flops on Lady.* owo
Tue Oct 7, 2014, 10:56 AM
Sun Jun 22, 2014, 6:48 PM
Thu May 8, 2014, 8:22 PM

Time for a Kiriban! 

3 deviants said Good luck!
1 deviant said Since I like interesting numbers there's gonna be two.
1 deviant said If no one gets right on the dot, next closest gets it.
No deviants said 30,000
No deviants said and 33,333


Agador Spartacus
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I'm only human.

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So hi.

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2015, 10:58 AM
This is just a little journal. Nothing too big or anything. Just wanted to request something of everyone.

So I know for the past..I forget how many years...I went by Lady. Yeah? Yeah.

Well after a load of self discovery I found out I don't really like gender labels. So I changed my username to reflect that.

And while I'm not particularly bothered by it or anything, I sort of would rather be called "Verdy" or "Verd".

I know it's gonna be difficult to change that, but I'd really appreciate it if people would try! Thanks in advance guys.

On an unrelated topic, I went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival this month. I had a blast! It's really fun getting to go and walk around in costume and get to know the people that work there. Total nerd-fest, but it's the best kind.

Oh right. I also finally came out to my entire family in regards to my pansexuality. And depending on how that goes, I may or may not be very active for a bit. Woohoo!


Dear Tag,

Hey, brother, how's everything going back at home? I sort of wish I was back there with you sometimes, but I think I'm happy settling in out here. I did have a room ready to go for you, but I guess that's sort of useless now. I'll miss having someone here with me to talk to, but I understand why you had to stay. We'll still have to get together and hang out as often as we can! Even if this isn't specifically your room anymore you can still use it. Though I'll still say, I'm really glad that you did leave some of your clothes here from when you came to look at the house with me...When I evolved I bulked up considerably so they came in handy. I'll wash them and send them back once I've donated all my old clothes and have a decent sized closet again. Maybe when things clear up back home you'll consider moving back out here again? By the time that happens, my situation here may have changed to the point of us not being able to live together but...still! We'll see what happens I suppose!

Anyway, I'll wrap this up. I know how much you hate my handwriting. : P Tell mum and da I love them. I'd send them a letter as well but I can hear da now going on about how I should call and save the trees for something more worthwhile. Like carpentry. Good ol' da and his jokes. Ha ha.



Dear Biff,

What's going on, man? Thanks again for swinging by my place for my birthday! And...for kidnapping some island residents and raising hell as usual I suppose. I need to hunt down that poor girl you dragged in here and apologize to her. Though I suppose I should thank you for not giving my girl the same treatment when she accidentally walked into the insanity. I'm pretty sure she still thinks you broke in, but looking at you I can see where she got that idea. You and your boys are regular hoodlums. Despite the fact that I'm still cleaning toilet paper and underwear out of my trees and bushes, I had a great time! We should do this again, but maybe next time you should STAY AND HELP ME CLEAN.

So aside from ditching the morning after crazy parties, what else have you been up to? I heard from Chad the other day that you were chasing after a sweet little thing. Is it that skuntank girl from the bar you dragged me to last time I came in town? If so, you better watch out. The last thing I want to do the next time I see you is die laughing over another failed attempt of yours. All jokes aside, you should probably try and talk to that nice chansey girl that works with you and Chad. She is completely head over heels about you, but she's too shy to say anything. I was pretty close to her before I left, so she pretty much unloaded everything on me my last visit. She really likes chamomile tea and lavender scented candles. Oh, and her favorite flowers are tiger lilies and baby's breath. I'd advise picking up some Chinese food from that place on the same block as the shop. She always orders spring rolls, pork dumplings and seafood fried rice. And take a bath before you meet up with her, jeez.

You're welcome,

P.S. You seriously own My Little Ponyta boxers? I'll refrain from telling everyone, but it'll cost you. I think I have some blank space for some new ink... : D


Dear Chad,

How is the shop going? I mean, after the whole event where Biff came in sloshed and tripped through the wall. How on earth did he manage that without getting hurt? I'm glad there were no customers in there, but I'm sure you and the others got a good laugh out of it. Did you make him fix it like you said you would? I bet he was confused when he sobered up. Big topsy.

I miss working with you guys. It got really lonely in my own shop without you lot. I cracked and went looking for some pokemon to help out with the upkeep and such. They make it a little more bearable. And luckily they don't put holes in my walls and hit on the girls that walk in. Okay that's a lie, the delibird developed a crush on some chatot chick and nearly left with her. But it's not that bad. I sent Biff a letter and told him some important information to hopefully get him into a healthy relationship. You've probably noticed since you're not a goof like him, but it's Chelse. Keep me updated on them!

You and your family take care. I'll have to drag all of you out here and have you over once my house gets big enough! I hope Zig didn't ask too many questions when you showed up home after that party. I'm sorry again about the black eye. I was trying to tackle Biff.

Your friend,
Letters to Home
Well okay, I didn't know what else to do today, and KayVeeDee suggested that I write a letter to Biff from Lets, so this happened.

Word count: 867

The first letter is to his brother, Tag. It's sort of both him and me being sappy mushrooms over how Tag isn't living with him. I just had to get it out of my system!

The second is to his clueless friend named Biff. He's a big buff Jigglypuff. So we call him Jigglybiff. And he was created during a bit of a crack conversation between Bird, Kay and me. So now he'll be one of Lets' NPC buddies. Anyway, Biff is a really swell guy, but he isn't super bright, so Lets is just trying to play matchmaker from across the sea. XD

The third letter is to Chad, who may as well be a brother to Lets at this point. Chad is a Smeargle who owns the old parlor that Lets used to work out. He was the one that gave him a chance and helped him where he is now. Chad has a wife and a daughter and will be an NPC of Lets as well!

One day the last two will be drawn. One day. XD

And yeah, I know I missed the Letter Day event, but I still felt like writing letters from Lets. It's fun. XD




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