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Wolf was here! \030/
Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:50 PM
*flops on Lady.* owo
Tue Oct 7, 2014, 10:56 AM
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Thu May 8, 2014, 8:22 PM

Time for a Kiriban! 

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Agador Spartacus
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I'm only human.

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I dunno.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 11:59 AM
Sometimes I feel like I'm too friendly. Too chatty. Too annoying, really. I've been thinking of sort of trying really hard to dial it back. I probably need to focus more on art and such if I ever want to make anything of myself anyways. It'd be nice I guess.

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It was quiet and nice for a Friday night, not a cloud in the sky. Lets was sitting on his back porch with the wee herd of critters milling around him. Aside from having to occasionally break up little fights, they were peacefully exploring around the yard. Blair had already caught and eaten more bugs than he desired to count. Making a mental note to keep an eye on her for the next twenty four hours, Lets propped his feet up and took a sip of the whiskey he’d poured. The distant rumble of what sounded like a motorcycle broke the still of the night, making him smile. He missed his bike, but he hoped whoever was out riding was enjoying theirs.

   Not thinking about it, his ears twitched as the noise got closer. That was odd, he wasn’t aware anyone nearby owned a bike. Taking another drink, he stood up and looked around. It sounded like multiple bikes at this point. While he did know multiple people who owned bikes, they didn’t live here. Surely it wasn’t...who he was. The dull growl built up to a roar and before he knew it, men clad in pink tartan were driving through his yard, whooping and hollering at him as they turned their bikes off. Grinning from ear to ear, he stood up and held his hands in the air, whiskey glass still clad in one of them.

   “What on earth are ye boys doin’ here?!” He asked, finally putting the alcohol down and hopping off of the porch. All of his critters had disappeared inside save for Blair who was milling around and meowing at everyone. “Did ye miss me tha’ much? Ye were jus’ here to celebrate me becomin’ an old man like the rest o’ ye.”

He walked straight up to the Smeargle getting off of his bike and gave him a brief hug before moving on to the Jigglypuff man who was laughing at him. The men, Chad and Biff respectively, motioned to the rest of the gang who all got off of their bikes and stood around, all grinning. “Well nae, we figured oor favorite stubborn goat could use some company this fine evenin’!” Biff said, clapping a hand on Lets’ back. The goat laughed and rubbed the spot where Biff’s hand had landed.

“Watch out, ye big lug, Ah’ve got growth back there.” He said jokingly before motioning for them to file inside.

Once the lot of them were inside and taking up all of his couches and chairs, he pulled his good booze out of the back of the fridge and passed around some glasses. After drinking and talking for a bit, Biff finally stood up and pointed a finger at Lets.

“Alrigh’. Time tae crank up some tunes, laddie! We’re here tae party!” With a grin, Lets stood up and moved over to his music player, hitting the play button. They’d barely gotten into the first few strains from the bagpipe music before all the Scots in the room were up and yelling, moving the furniture back so they could dance. Naturally the party somehow made its way outside into the yard. And NATURALLY with it being a group of drinking fellows, they wrestled. Lets had changed into his pink tartan kilt for the occasion, but it was soon scuffed up and covered in dirt like the rest of him.

Finally, when his yard was turning into a mud pit, a good brunt of the gang broke away, yelling and singing loudly as they ran off to find some water to dip into. Lets, Chad, and Biff followed them, but at a slower pace. Biff was busily picking grass out of his beard as Chad happily pointed out the bits he had missed. Deciding to break the silence, Lets looked over at Biff and grinned impishly.

“So. How’s yer datin’ life goin’, eh? Ye take me advice?”

Biff looked over at him and snorted before rolling his eyes. “Gods above, ye should see yer face. Lookin’ like the devil ‘imself with a secret tae tear the world intae bi’s. AYE Ah did take yer advice. It’s goin’ well. Nae stop rubbin’ it in.”

“Ah think tha’ means ye owe me a tattoo, eh?”

“Ah’ll pu’ i’ on yer bum if yer no’ careful.”

“Chad. Don’ let him tat me bum.”

The Smeargle man laughed out loud and shook his head, not wanting to get in on this particular argument. It was a popular one between all the men in their little “group” as they called themselves. Any time anyone asked for a tattoo from ANYONE in the group, they always offered to put it on a bum.

“If i’ gets put on yer bum, i’s yer own fault for teasin’ him.” He said calmly.

“Yer no fun.”

They fell into silence as they continued walking along, Biff grumbling and cursing softly as he found even more grass on the underside of his beard. Once they got within earshot of the shouts and catcalls coming from the water, they all looked at each other before taking off full tilt at the water, shoving each other all the way. Thankfully they had found a lake where no one lived too close to so they could hoot and holler in peace. The three of them hit the water and sank in deep, pushing up against mud to resurface. Laughing jovially, Lets proceeded to splash the snot out of everyone he could reach, starting yet another insane sort of wrestling match in the water. At least they would get clean this way...sort of.

Eventually they could see the faintest tinge of pink appearing in the sky and the lot of them decided to call it a night. Trudging back towards Lets’ house, the conversations became quieter, as did the laughter and joking. Once back in the goat’s home he divvied out towels and they rearranged the living room to allow the pull out couch to unfold into a bed. Ottomans and the coffee table were shoved closer to the armchairs to make makeshift beds out of. Naturally the linen closet was positively raided as well. Those that couldn’t pile into the living room took up residence in the small spare bedroom. Naturally Chad and Biff invaded Lets’ room so the three of them could talk.

All of the plants were set up onto dressers and shelves to make room for the two small spare mattresses that Lets kept under his bed for occasions like this. After some more cursing and sneezing from all the dust floating about, finally everyone was settled and the house grew silent. Except for the three men in the green room.

“Sae, Lets.” Biff began. “Tell us abou’ this...Jam? The girl ye won’ shu’ up abou’.”

Naturally Chad shifted some to hear better. This was something he’d wanted to hear from Lets in person.

Lets was silent for a moment, chewing on one of his piercings as he thought of how to begin. “Well...y’know. Ah didn’ expect anythin’ to happen between the two o’ us.” The goat frankly stated. “Ah met her a while ago. Abou’ a year ago Ah’d say. We sort o’ talked an’...chatted an’...Ah started to feel a connection.”

Silence fell in the room again. He wasn’t sure how far he should go or if either of them were awake enough for him to go on and on about her. Then Biff spoke up again.


A chuckle was heard before he continued. “O’ course Ah was nervous abou’ i’ at first, wha’ with...y’know, circumstances. Ah didn’ think Ah’d come to like the color pink as much as Ah used to bu’...Ah did. Back during the totem swap, when Ah was a Clefable an’ she was a Blitzle we rode in the Ferris Wheel together an’...well that’s when i’ really started. An’ now? Well. Ah’m afraid to tell her how Ah feel abou’ her. Ah dunno if Ah’m ready for all tha’ again.”

He heard Chad shifting around and Biff snorting and mumbling under his breath. Then Chad spoke up.

“Well. Ah’ll be hones’ with you, lad, ye haven’ talked abou’ anyone like this since...then. Sure ye’ve found some lassies pleasan’ on the eyes bu’’ like this. Ah thin’ ye need to really sit an’ consider yer options with her. See if she reciprocates yer feelin’s. Ye don’ wanna end up like Biff o’er here, do ye?”

“OCH, Ah’m no’ tha’ bad off, i’ jus’ took me a while, shu’ yer gob. Ah’m happy now. Jus’ took some...nudgin’.” He admitted that in a very begrudging fashion.

Shaking his head and laughing, Lets rubbed his face before sighing. “Yer righ’. Both o’ ye. Ah guess Ah jus’ need some nudgin’ an’ nae, Ah don’ wanna end up like Biff.”

The pink fellow grumbled a bit about what he’d do if one more person made that sound like a bad thing before the whole room fell silent again. After a while Biff started to snore, but Lets knew Chad was still awake from how he was rooting around in his sheets.

“Do ye thin’ she feels the same way, Chad? Really an’ truly? Be hones’ with me.” It was a childish request, but he wanted to know what his friend would say.

“Hones’ly, Lets, ye need to ask her, no’ me.” Chad chuckled. “Ah mean, Ah like ye well enough, bu’ Ah dinnae how the lassie’ll feel. From how ye talk abou’ her Ah kinnae thin’ she’d no’ like ye back, if only a li’l bi’. Jus’ TELL her how ye feel, lad. Nae shu’ up, Ah’m trying to sleep an’ i’s difficul’ between you yammerin’ an’ Biff roarin’ o’er here.”

His tone wasn’t angry, it was light and teasing but Lets could tell when Chad was being serious. He conceded willingly though, it was too early in the morning to be worrying over things.

“Alrigh’. G’nigh’, Chad.”



When the whole group finally started to stir the next day, there was another great kerfuffle as everyone insisted on cooking “breakfast” for everyone else. Somehow Lets had enough food in the house, (though decidedly not enough meat, as there were some grumbles amongst the carnivores), so no one went without a heap of food on their plate. They sat outside in their boxers and undershirts and enjoyed the afternoon sun, throwing food at each other while Lets’ pets looked on in amusement.

The goat was idly looking around at the bikes when he noticed one that looked particularly familiar. He raised an eyebrow, but wrote it off as nothing and moved along with eating. Once the lot of them were done with their food they piled inside to get dressed and do a little cleaning since Lets had gotten onto them about it last time. After a brief conversation about the tattoo shops, the bulk of the group hopped on their bikes and made their way back towards the docks to catch the next ferry back to the mainland. With all of the bikes gone save two of them, Lets was now certain of one thing. They had brought him his bike.

“Is tha’...wha’ Ah thin’ i’ is?” he asked slowly, staring at Biff and Chad who still remained. He wouldn’t put it past one of the nuts to design theirs just like his to tease him.

“Aye ye wa’er logged beetle brain, tha’s yer bike. We also figured ye’d like to hae i’ while yer here on the islands.” Biff announced proudly.

Lets walked up to it and rested a hand on the handlebars lovingly. This was a fantastic surprise to say the less. He had so been missing having his bike here, even if he would hardly get to ride it here. At least he could still clean and polish her and keep her looking pretty!

“Thanks. To both o’ ye. Ah assume ye need to ge’ back with the rest o’ them though?”

When the two other men nodded, Lets smiled and shrugged a little, understanding well enough why they needed to leave. After many good byes and butt tattoo threats and manly hugs, Biff and Chad both hopped onto Biff’s bike and rode off. Lets waved until they could no longer be seen and stood in his destroyed yard, smiling slightly. He walked his bike over to the side of his house before getting to work on regrowing his lawn. Once he was done with that, he headed inside to reverse the damage to the rest of the house. Finally he ended his day the way the adventure with the gang started: sitting peacefully on his porch with a glass of whiskey.
Got Your Goat
Word count: 2130

I have no idea what to say about this really. I was just derping around one day and decided to write a story about how Lets got his bike delivered to his home on Rapture via his insane friends. Many snorts and eyerollings were had as I typed this up. These guys are a load of nerds. XD

Lets and the nerds are my nerds.
Pokemon is not mine.


I dunno.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 11:59 AM
Sometimes I feel like I'm too friendly. Too chatty. Too annoying, really. I've been thinking of sort of trying really hard to dial it back. I probably need to focus more on art and such if I ever want to make anything of myself anyways. It'd be nice I guess.

  • Playing: Story of Seasons
  • Eating: Lentil Soup
  • Drinking: Water
HPM: Mine Level Two by VerdantCreature
HPM: Mine Level Two
Further and further into the mines Lets ventures, chasing down his misbehaving little snot of a Skitty, Blair. Will the goat ever return to the surface?! Obviously, because this trip is in the past, I'm just really slow at getting to these pictures.

This one killed me. So much detail. And I wanted to do more. Holy gods.

Lets and Blair are my dorks.
Pokemon is not mine.




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